Richard Tomlin Bio

Richard studied graphics at Portsmouth College of Art and subsequently practiced as a graphic designer in London. He ran a creative consultancy working for international brands and small businesses. He admired the people he met – their drive and motivation – to start and build companies.

Recently he decided to refresh lost skills in drawing and painting. His fascination with people and the inspiration of the work of Lucian Freud, Andrew Wyeth and Alison Lambert, amongst others, led him to focus on the human figure and portraiture.

Richard’s work is the result of long periods of observation, the images gradually edging towards realisation. The majority of his drawings are in charcoal, or oil bar and graphite. His work is intensely personal and focussed on the search to express emotion through the image. Recently it has taken a new direction with him undertaking large narrative drawings commenting on today’s society and the dark side of social media.

Richard Tomlin artist