Figurative Drawings

Broken Dreams 1
Broken Dreams 1

Pastel & Conte, 100 x 70 cms, 2019
Graphite Study by artist Richard Tomlin
Graphite Study

Graphite, 50 x 50cms, 2019
Starbucks Madonna
Starbuck's Madonna

Oil bar and graphite, 100 x 70cms, 2017
Reclining Woman by artist Richard Tomlin
Reclining Woman

Charcoal and pastel, 175 x 125cms, 2016
21st Century Madonna by artist Richard Tomlin
21st Century Madonna

Charcoal and pastel, 100 x 70cms, 2016
Holding Lucy's hand
Holding Lucy's Hand

Colour Pencil, 70 x 70cms, 2017
One Black Vans
One Black Vans

Colour Pencil, 70x70cms, 2017
The 5th rib
The 5th Rib

Colour Pencil, 70x70cms, 2016

Oil bar & graphite, 100 x 70cms, 2016
Mercy 1
Mercy Sleeping

Charcoal and pastel, 100 x 70cms, 2014
Mercy 2
Mercy Resting

Charcoal and Pastel, 70 x 100cms, 2014
Kagia 3
Kagia 1

Conte, 70 x 100cms, 2014
Detail of the lion hunt
Study from the Lion Hunt

Graphite on paper, 30x30cms, 2017